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guitar, ukulele, singing, songwriting classes

Learning to play an instrument, sing or write music is a great way to get creative, manage stress and have quality 'me-time'.You will get a custom learning plan, all material that you may need for pratcising (music sheet, backing tracks etc.), very clear and specific plan what you should be practising by yourself.I have been teaching for 16 years. All ages and abilities are welcome.


"Ruta is a fantastic tutor that has made learning guitar fun. She has turned music what seemed to be a mystery that only an elite few could comprehend, into a language I can understand. At first I was apprehensive about starting lessons at my age, but Ruta is very patient and accommodating, and i am now finally capable of things I never would have thought possible. She is exceptional value for money, as she not only teaches you the guitar but also teaches you music so it can be applied to other disciplines. Personally I can’t rate her high enough-please don’t waste your time looking at other will be a waste of time!!!!!!" - David.

'Thank you Ruta.

I must confess I have learnt a lot more with you in 1 month than I did in 15 years since I received my first guitar as a gift!

This is an increase in knowledge of more than 1000 percent.' - Uche.

"I owned a guitar for a long time but never learn’t how to play.I was frustrated when I tried to learn on my own. I found Ruta through the Music teachers’ website and realised I was a complete novice. She is patient, experienced, very knowledgeable and taught me just at the right pace. Within 2 months I have learn’t most of the open chords and I know the chords to seven nation army and do I wanna know by the artic Monkeys. I would recommend her highly to anyone trying to learn to play"- U.

'Great techer. Explains everything very well. Picks appropriate songs to practice with. All lessons are full of possitivity and great mood.' - Vaida V.

'The best teacher. Even a lot of time passed i still remember her lessons and “Autumn Leaves”. She introduced me to walking bass on guitar and advanced chords.' - Anna P.

'Ruta is a wonderful musician, a professional and dedicated educator. I would recommend her lessons to everyone who would like to learn to play the guitar, from the beginner, to advanced. Especially for improvising and creating music.' - A.V.

'Ruta is a brilliant teacher she is patient and understanding and I really enjoy lessons with her. She really knows her stuff musically, and is an experienced musician. Couldn't ask for more really she is great. I'm learning guitar with her but I like to sing mainly. Luckily, Ruta is an amazing vocalist so I will be able to ask advice and get tips with my singing when my playing progresses Which is really great.' - Daniel B.

'My 11-year-old son has ukulele lessons with Ruta and he is always really happy to go. She is patient and engaging and he gets a great deal out of her lessons, learning lots of new pieces and even a little composition!' - Nana L.

'Ruta is the guitar star. She has outrageous patience, gives you intuitive theory without you even knowing it, and makes learning the guitar super fun! She has helped me materially progress in fingerstyle guitar and I have learnt an array of music from rock, indie, folk, pop and African (selected by me and Ruta!).' George M.

'Ruta is a great teacher & has knowledge of all the different styles, whatever your heart desires. She knows exactly what needs to be worked on & puts together a plan to make you improve your playing where it's needed. I've tried many teachers in the past & she's by far the best! You will notice improvement in your skills & knowledge in no time! She's friendly & makes you feel at ease.' - Hanna H.

'I decided to start ukulele lessons with Ruta during Lockdown, and I never regretted. I was zero knowledge and Ruta was able to introduce me and immediately put me into practice ukulele, and immediately fall in love with it, helping me mentally and enjoying my free time. Her approaching method to music, strumming, singing, from zero experience as I was, is amazingly smooth and encouraging. You immediately feel the link with the instrument.
Recommend her 100%'-
Giovanna F.

"My 9 year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Ruta for the past 6 weeks. She is beginning from scratch. Ruta explains things clearly and makes the lessons accessible and fun. During the first week she asked my daughter to describe her favourite music and the very next week she was strumming along with and singing songs by Katy Perry. She very much enjoys her lessons - the well known tracks really help motivate her and keep her focused."- Sarah.

'What a lovely experience I have been able to create by following the Universe guidance to start learning to play the guitar with Ruta.

Such an amazing teacher, with the incredible gift of showing how to move my fingers with flow and beauty. She is a little shiny star bringing the perfect rhythm to my  playing journey.

Thank you Ruta for teaching me the healing songs I can now practise to use with other people and spread the Love you have always shared with me during our classes together.' - Roberta K.

'What a find in a guitar teacher. 

Having not played seriously for at least 25 years I wanted to re-learn playing the guitar. I also wanted to learn in a jazz style which I have never previously played and brush up on the music theory so I could do my own compositions at some point. 

It was important for me to get the balance of, playing the guitar more proficiently with the understanding of theory, BUT keeping the fun aspect of guitar playing.

I have been having lessons with Ruta for the last year now and the musical journey has been great. Lots of interactive feedback on how to improve my guitar technique has been invaluable and has resulted in a much improved playing style, almost eliminating many bad habits that had crept in over the years.

I am not a student who picks up techniques and chord structures easily but Ruta has been extremely patient, giving me the motivation to keep practising when things get tough and my confidence has definitely grown as a result. Even the family have commented that my guitar playing is so much better now. 

Ruta, who is an exceptional musician and guitarist has tailored the lessons to give a good balance of both enjoyment and structured practice which challenges me when playing. What I think is unique when learning from Ruta is the practicality of the feedback which is coming from tried and tested methods/approaches from an individual who is an active musician and performing guitarist. You do not get that insight to guitar playing out of a theory book. So for me the feedback really makes you think how you can be more subtle and inventive when playing your guitar.


Thank you Ruta I am really enjoying the musical journey.' - JamesC (Tunbridge Wells, Kent).

'Ruta is an attentive music teacher. It is clear she enjoys teaching and has great experience and passion as a musician. She has helped my daughter to learn fun new Ukulele skills.' Jasvinder P.

'Ruta is an excellent teacher (as well as an incredibly talented musician)! I started learning the guitar about one year ago, and I couldn't be happier with Ruta's support, expertise and way of teaching. She really empowers me to believe in myself and she is open to any of my ideas or song suggestions. I love how creative we can be during the lesson - from learning chords to more complex finger style pieces or even writing songs together. I would strongly recommend!' - Giulia C.

'Ruta is such a great teacher! Really talented and patient. Explain really well (clearly and comprehensive). Had few sessions with her to improve my guitar improvisation and I've made good progress in a short space of time.'-Maxence B.

'My 8 year old daughter loves Ruta's ukulele classes. She has been taking lessons with Ruta for over a year and has learned to play many songs, read music and understand theory. Ruta is a phenomenal, encouraging teacher who makes learning fun - the recitals build confidence and a love for music.'-Nikhil K.

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